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YOUR OFFICE’S ROLE IN ANESTHESIA - When a patient is considering anesthesia, you should inform them about Summit Anesthesia’s services, including our preoperative evaluations, our fees and the insurance reimbursement procedures. 


Once the patient has decided to use anesthesia for their treatment, you or your office will contact us.  In order to schedule a date, the patient must pay a $300 deposit that will be applied to the balance of their anesthesia services, which will be due on the day of treatment.  Make sure they fill out and sign all documents included in the patient packet.  These documents may also be downloaded from the FORMS page on this website. Assist them in faxing the necessary paperwork to Summit Anesthesia at 855-224-0040.


We start with a preoperative exam and phone call to obtain all necessary medical information. We then communicate with patients’ primary care physicians to obtain indicated labs, test results and medical clearances to ensure that each patient is medically suited for dental treatment under anesthesia.  We will call your patient to review medical findings, discuss the anesthetic plan, and review all pre/post-op instructions.


State law requires your office to provide two BLS certified individuals (dentist included) to be present during the case

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