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Summit Anesthesia exists to make dental treatment less demanding for you and your patients. As you and your team complete the dental work in a stress-free environment, Dr. Duckworth will use state-of-the-art technology to monitor vital signs and the patient to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.


We are equipped with hospital-grade anesthesia monitors, infusion pumps, oxygen, and emergency equipment, including a defibrillator. Each patient receives full monitoring, including EKG, pulse oximetry, temperature, blood pressure, precordial monitoring and EtCO2 as applicable. Our capabilities include both inhalation agents and balanced total intravenous anesthesia techniques (TIVA).


Summit Anesthesia allows you and your team to complete anything from simple to complex dental procedures, in your own office, working with your own staff and instruments. In addition, your patients will be more comfortable receiving treatment in a familiar atmosphere. We realize that without anesthesia, dental care for many patients is unobtainable. 



An increasing number of people are depending on anesthesia for their dental treatment. There are many circumstances in which anesthesia can be beneficial for both the patient and dentist:


  • Fear or anxiety towards dental treatments

  • Complex treatment plans or procedures

  • Physical or mental disabilities

  • Young children unable to cooperate or lay still

  • Fear of shots or needles

  • Previous traumatic dental experiences

  • Limited time for multiple dental visits

  • Patients with sensitive gag reflexes

  • Low pain threshold

  • Co-existing medical issues


Our office does not directly schedule appointments for treatment with patients.  We work directly with your office to provide available days to schedule for your patients. 

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