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Anesthesia services are becoming more and more common for all levels of dental treatments. We are committed to communicating well with our patients, beginning as soon as we are asked to participate in your treatment.


We start with a preoperative exam and phone call to obtain all necessary medical information. We then communicate with patients’ primary care physicians to obtain indicated labs, test results and medical clearances to ensure that each patient is medically suited for dental treatment under anesthesia.


As the dental treatment is completed in a stress-free environment, the doctors of Summit Anesthesia monitor the patient to ensure a safe, comfortable experience.


An increasing number of people are depending on anesthesia for their dental treatment. There are many circumstances in which anesthesia can be beneficial for both the patient and dentist:


  • Fear or anxiety towards dental treatments
  • Complex treatment plans or procedures
  • Physical or mental disabilities
  • Young children unable to cooperate or lay still
  • Fear of shots or needles
  • Previous traumatic dental experiences
  • Limited time for multiple dental visits
  • Patients with sensitive gag reflexes
  • Low pain threshold
  • Co-existing medical issues


Our office does not directly schedule appointments for treatment with patients.  We work directly with your dentist or surgeon to provide available days to schedule for you or your family.  To schedule our services, contact and consult with your or your family’s dentist or surgeon.

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